The Top 3 Social Media Trends in Aesthetics

Posted on March 02, 2020


1. Lip Flip

Starting with the most popular trend, medical spas have seen an increase in "lip flip" requests based on Instagram buzz. The lip flip is a procedure in which neuromodulators (usually Botox) are injected in infinitesimal quantities at the corners of the mouth and near the Cupid's bow. It gently unfurls thin lips to make them appear large and full by relaxing the orbicularis oris, a circular muscle that almost acts like a purse string, tightening the lip line. The main reason why patients love this treatment is because it requires a minimal amount of Botox, and it is a much less expensive option that creates a fuller lip without actually injecting filler in the lips. This is a great way to get to see fuller lips for a short period of time. Neuromodulators last around 1-3 months, depending on the area injected. The muscles around the mouth are constantly moving during speech, eating, and even in relaxed expressions. Therefore the neuromodulators don't typically last as long around the mouth in a lip flip as compared to the forehead for a traditional Botox treatment.


2. Eyebrow Lift

We have all seen TV stars such as Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner with that exotic eyebrow lift that makes them appear more awake and rejuvenated. This is one of the most requested treatments based on the fact that the supermodels are rocking this look! So, what is an eyebrow lift? It is a couple of units of Botox injected in the eyebrow region to lift the brows and create this glamorous look. Very inexpensive and one of the trendiest looks today!

Votre Allure Chin Jawline Filler Augmentation

3. The Chin/Jawline Augmentation

This procedure is probably the most talked about in 2019 and 2020. A chiseled jawline and a more pronounced chin to form a nice angle with the nose is one of the trendiest procedures at present, and we don't see it going away any time soon! With a couple syringes of dermal filler, a DRAMATIC change can be accomplished. This procedure is pricier than the previous two, but the results are definitely the most dramatic. The side profile changes are as noticeable as the effects straight-on. This is really an instance of "adding to subtract," as the filler provides a slimming, angular effect to the jawline, lifting and chiseling otherwise softer-rounded lines in the face; or punctuating the chin to draw out that slimming look. The best part is these treatments last up to 18 months. Social media has definitely driven the hype over these procedures, and they do in fact live up to the buzz. These cheek, chin and jawline procedures have become some of the most sought after treatments even for the "offline" generation who are not